I’m going to go ahead and call it BrittCon

I’m sure you are all sick of hearing about my trip to New York City (especially if you follow me on Twitter too) – and we still have over a month of this crap to go.

But… er… I haven’t got a good excuse for talking about it again. I will, however, promise to write about something universally interesting tomorrow. Which you just know means the only thing I’m going to be able to come up with is Vaginas or Bad Cooking. Universal.

ANYway – here are the details you need to know:

I will be flying in via JetBlue on Friday June 27th. I’m staying in Midtown near Times Square and 5th Avenue – and so far someone is probably sleeping in a bathtub. We’re going to call it adventurous.

I’m in The City until late Sunday night.

The rest? Is still up in the air. I’m going to be running around like a crazy woman trying to soak up as much as I possibly can in 48 hours. That means subways and buses and walking and touristy shit and street food and museums and ferry rides and lots and lots of wandering around insisting that “I totally know where we’re going! Really!” Because that is how one sees The City, I’m sure.

I tell you all this for two reasons.

One – if you’d like to join me, please do. Whether you live in the area or have always wanted to see The Big Apple yourself, I’d love to share it with you. Please understand I am a cheap bitch and you will therefore have to endure me bitching about prices and doing absolutely insane and sometimes only slightly illegal shit to save a buck. If you’re not above slumming (and really, you’re here – aren’t you?), we’d love to have you join the Sweet Sweet Posse. You can share a cup of coffee or a meal, hit us up for late night partying, or scramble from landmark to landmark with us. The only thing you can’t do is share my hotel room – the bathtub is already taken.

If, however, you can’t make it into New York that reason because you hate cities or the economy just fucking blows right now or oh my God I am some strange girl from the Internet – that’s cool. But I want you to join me anyway. I mean, kind of. In “spirit”, so to speak.

You see, New York City has been my dream for a long, long time. And I’m making a commitment to myself to experience it, even if it’s only for two days over the last weekend of June. And I have a few really amazing people from the Internet to thank for the push I needed to just get off my ass and do it already.

Please – allow me to push you in the ass.

I mean… er… pay it forward.

Look, I know this sounds corny and cheesy and really, really hippy dippy. But if you have even the smallest twinge that there is something out there waiting for you, I want to encourage you to have it. Even if it’s in some small way. Don’t put it off anymore. Don’t make another excuse. Just… do it.

And do it the last weekend in June so you can use one of these kick ass graphics Cissa made for us.

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