Why I am the world’s best contest hostess!

Alright. Fine. I admit it.



Now, let’s get on to giving away some free stuff.

(OH. Yeah. I’m not too shabby now, am I?)

From the last caption contest (yes, I know! Weeks ago. Stop judging me!!!):


Congratulations Sarcasticmom. There were a lot of funny ones in the bunch – but this one made me snort the hardest. (And also did not reference my birthmark as a zit. It’s a birthmark!!! Fuckers.)

You win… uh… did I ever say what you win? (Best. Contest. EVER!) I think a Pro Flickr account. Email me.

Moving right along – we have TWO WINNERS of the book Unpredictable, which I highly recommended.

Through the use of fancy randomizers and three Oompa Loompas, the winners we have chosen are:

Amanda and Fogspinner (who apparently doesn’t have a link I can find. Best. Contest. EVER!)

Email me with your addresses so that I can send you naked telegrams your book!

(Please do not unsubscribe from my feed based on the content of this weekend’s posts. Seriously. I know.)

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