Is Groveling Considered Heroic?

My dear, sweet, wonderful, brilliant readers…

Have I told you how pretty you look today? And that your ass looks amazing in those pants? No? Well you do. And it does.

Oh, and, by the way, I have a favor to ask of you.

AND IT REQUIRES NO MONEY! Not a dime this time! I swear!!

Now, back to this favor.

My dear, sweet, wonderful, brilliant reader – I have a dream. A dream that can only come true with a little bit of help from you. Well, a little more than a little bit of help. Mediocre help, really. Mediocre.

Shit. This is hard.

OK, here it is: I really want to go to BlogHer in San Francisco.

There, I said it. I know it sounds dorky and I should absolutely be too cool to want this. But? Well, we all know I’m not cool.

Did you also know I am not above groveling?

>Here is where the favor comes in<

John Wiley & Sons (that would be a publishing company) is sponsoring a BlogHero Contest. The grand prize is a free trip to BlogHer.

To be honest, winning a trip is the only way I’m getting to San Francisco this year.

And all you have to do is convince a panel of judges that I am some kind of rock star hero! See? Mediocre favor.

Oh. And. By the way. “Rock star hero” has some relatively specific pesky little guidelines. According to the good people at John Wiley & Sons, a BlogHer Hero is someone who “demonstrates Passion, Innovation, and the Ability to Inspire A Community”.

Heh. Like I said, mediocre favor.

Now, I’ve been digging around in my archives for five minutes forever in an effort to find some handy examples you could reference when demonstrating my Passion, Innovation and Ability to Inspire A Community. I may, in fact, be quite fucked.

Unless, of course, someone at John Wiley & Sons is Inspired by my Passion for Prince Sweat. And my ability to spearhead a beer fund. Which, I suppose, is totally plausible In My Own Head. (Totally unrelated aside: I wonder if sodomizing the rules of the English Language is considered innovative…)

Do you suppose I could be the first person (and therefore the innovator) to do really poorly executed Photo Essays? Surely I am the first person to struggle with homemade guacamole. Right?

ANYway. Where was I?

Ah yes – you were about to do me a favor.

Could you, if you feel so moved, run on over here and nominate me?

And. Um. Could you also maybe give your fellow Miss Britt readers some ideas in the comments section? Because seriously – this is going to take a frickin’ miracle.

Wait! No! I mean… uh…

Anything is possible if you believe! Together we can make this happen! A few minutes out of your day could change one woman’s life FOREVER!

(That was inspiring, right?)

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