A Question of Alibis

Remember when I had a houseful of tourists family and I asked a bunch of bloggers to send me guest posts to have stored up for an emergency?

Of course you do. I know. You keep careful track of everything that goes on at this blog.

ANYway, the guests are long gone, but I still have a small reserve of guests posts that I never had the opportunity to use (because I am the world’s greatest blog hostess). And now? I am suffering for my kindness. So, we’re going back to the vault.

Can you help the awesome hellhahanarf decide if she should help get her ex off?

I’ll let Becky explain….

Hi, world wide internetz. You know me as hellohahanarf, the girl without a blog who loves to read and comment on others’ sites. The talented Miss Britt has graciously offered me the floor for a day, so please forgive my inexperience (in addition to any grammatical errors as they should be in no way be a negative reflection on my kind host). Good news is that I just got my own blog so next time she asks for the assist I might actually be accustomed to writing.

Ok, here I am, but what do I write about? Politics? (Nah, hate all the fuckers who lie to get into office.) My boobs? (Nope, too much to talk about and I only have one little post over here.) Education? (Since I don’t have kids I probably shouldn’t go there.) Global warming? (Since Mr. Gore invented the internet, I’ll save that for him to discuss with you.) So called reality television? (As much as I love plenty of it, I doubt you care about my TV habits.)

Wait…I have it. Something strange happened the other day and perhaps the residents of the Blogosphere can offer up some advice. Here goes…

A few years ago I dated a man, a very gorgeous man, who lived about a seven hour drive away from me. This beautiful man wouldn’t have known the truth if it bit him on the ass, but did I mention that he was attractive? And fun? Great fun! He had that bad boy quality that sometimes I crave. Anyhow, eventually it came out that every word that left his mouth was a lie. While he was telling the lies a small piece in the back of my mind knew he was full of shit, but at the time I chose to be happy that I was “on to him” and I somehow ignored the bullshit. When I caught him in a lie I felt a rush of superiority so I am not claiming to be without fault here, just telling you that I knew he was a liar and that I ignored if for the duration of our short relationship.

There were few things that he didn’t lie about. One of which was how much he loved being a father. The pride he exuded at being a good dad was evident from a mile away. Since I wasn’t about to marry him or have his babies, I tired quickly of him.

Fast forward a couple of years. His exgirlfriend of 9 years, the one he cheated on to be with me, is angry because he finally found happiness and married a young woman. (Insert small note here: After we had both dumped the guy she told me during one of our lengthy phone calls, and this is a direct quote, “he’ll never be happy without me. I’ll destroy him before I will let him be happy. Don’t ever think that I can’t.”) So a story about Liarboy and his pregnant young wife runs in the newspaper one day, the very next day AngryEx is at the police department filing charges that Liar molested her daughter when the girl was around 15 – 16. Daughter is now 21. Police report says that Liar would take daughter out of state when he had work out of state, says awful, terrible things that he would allegedly do to this teenage girl.

Now as much as I know that this guy would say anything to have his cake and eat it too, I don’t believe that makes him a child molester. And those sales calls that would take him away…the ones she says the teenager accompanied Liar on…were actually trips to see me. Trust me, he traveled alone to my bed. Again, I am not proud here, just throwing this all out there in order to get your opinion.

Now keep in mind that with my own two little ears I heard AngryEx tell me on one of our phone calls that she wouldn’t let him be happy without her.

So, why on earth wouldn’t these charges have been filed sooner? Why wait until (literally) the day after the paper does a story on his happiness with his new wife? Because he truly has a massive problem and does unspeakable things to children or because smearing his name with a child molestation accusation will “destroy” him?

I was molested as a teenager and wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I am a firm believer in punishing to the fullest extent of the law anyone who inappropriately touches minors. I would personally beat Liarboy to an unrecognizable pulp if I thought for a moment that he did any of the things AngryEx said he did.

Back to you and my reason for writing. If you were me, would you write an affidavit to submit to the courts saying the dates that Lairboy was with me? Would you be his alibi (only for the dates that I actually have memory of)? Or would you think that his proclaimed innocence is simply another lie? (Strange part is I didn’t get that “I know you are lying, but I will let you think I believe you” feeling while I was taking in this saga. I truly don’t think that his other personality faults equal a child molester. But I want your opinion.)

Go! And thanks in advance for your wisdom.

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