I need a Popster today

Quick reminder – there’s a chance to win $50 in yesterday’s post.

Moving on. (I told you it was quick.)

My schedule for today is as follows:

4:30 am – Wake up
6:00 am – drop off latest house guest at airport.
6:15 am – go to work
5:00 pm – leave work
5:45 pm – begin cleaning the ever loving shit out of my house.

Because tomorrow? The in-laws arrive.

And my house? Looks like a fucking rock band had a post-concert orgy in it.

And my mother-in-law? Makes Martha Stewart feel dirty.

Thank the Good Lord Above for Poppy.

I’m honored that Britt asked me to guest post. Honestly, I think my better guest post is to come, and I won’t spoil the surprise on that, but I wanted to do two posts for Britt. I originally wanted to do a post about gardening but it was making me too sad to write it (for reasons I won’t bore you with) and when I mentioned the post to a certain someone who shall remain nameless he hinted that the post might be really boring. (Thanks, unknown person, for your support.  So, I’m returning to my original idea that I had since these things swirl around in my head anyway.

I hope you enjoy,

5 things I want you to know about Britt, in case you didn’t already — a tribute post

1. She is loyal. Once upon a time very recently I did something stupid that very much hurt our mutual friend. Britt stuck up for him. Of course, by the time she stuck up for him I had apologized profusely and genuinely and groveled lots, but Britt said her peace on the matter and genuinely defended him. I have seen her defend him time and time again. Only in play does she ever show any type of disloyalty.

2. She takes fucking fantastic guacamole photos. Seriously, I really wanna fly down to Florida just to eat guacamole at her house because of all the photos she posts about it. Even the “bad” ones look good!

3. She has non-Stepford children. Britt made real kids, kids who act like real human beings, kids who don’t just go into the corner and play and are good for Mommy and Daddy. But they’re still really good kids even though they’re not robots. I admire her for that.

4. She takes leaps of faith. She moved from a place where her entire family and many of her friends lived, where she owned two homes, where she and her husband had jobs, where her kids went to school, to work for a blogger she met on the internet. That sounds crazy. Doesn’t it? But have you seen that cute house? And that cute car? And that cute office? And how happy she looks? Yah. And even if it didn’t work out at all, the fact that she did this in the first place is pretty fucking amazing. And, again, admirable.

5. She is sooooo soft. When I met Adam and Britt in person for the first time in October I hugged Adam first because he is who I was there to see. Britt stayed seated, but I wasn’t about to rudely ignore her just because she was the chaperone, so I leaned over and I gave her a Poppy hug. And, … oh. my. god. She is just the softest person on the entire planet. Really! And it’s not because she was wearing a shiny shirt. It’s because she’s soft inside.

And so concludes my 5 things I want you to know about Britt.

What do you want us to know about her?

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