How Miss Britt Makes Amends: A Photo Essay*

Before one can make amends, one must do something worthy of being amended.

Such as – putting your husband in a bonnet. On the Internet.

That would be, step one. Then, it’s time to get down to the business of making amends.




Oh yeah. We’re going there….

After the bonnet is tied firmly in place:









Then you wait. And wait. And check your emails. And dance around the house listening to Prince, singing at the top of your lungs because YOU’RE IN THE HOUSE ALL BY YOURSELF!!!. With Smurf Poo on your head.

Then you get bored.

And decide that SURELY this has been long enough. It’s BLEACH for Pete’s sake – how long can that take??

Then you rinse your hair and take a shower. And you do not take pictures of your shower because you have boundaries!


Perhaps if I blow dry it and shit. Surely that will make a difference.



And that is how you make amends.

The End.

*Alternate Title: how to waste $12 and an hour of your life. And also, possibly, develop a deep hatred for that Frost & GLOW bitch ass ho.

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