A Blogging Good Deed

Internets, I need you.

“Oh no, she’s going to ask us to tell her how wonderful and pretty and great she is. Again.”

No. No! It’s not that this time, I promise. (Although, it’s always nice to hear you’re pretty. Ya know?)

By the way, you look pretty today.

“Shit. She’s going to ask us to send her cash or presents or something. Again.”

Ahem. Well. Actually. Heh. Um. Yesss… kind of. Sort of.

WAIT! Hear me out.

*Please picture me batting my eyes at you… here.*

You see, there is this little blogger get together thing called TequilaCon. And I’m going. I have my airplane ticket and my hotel (which I got for $70 less than someone else got the exact same room for, btw) and as soon as all of these people get the heck out my house, my bags will be packed and I’ll be on my way.

And I cannot even tell you how much I’m looking forward to a weekend away where I can get ridiculously drunk relax with other bloggers.

Because life around here? It’s been pretty stressful lately. And I’m needing some Me time with my friends in the worst possible way.


There is a problem.

There is another blogger who needs a getaway and some loving from her blogging friends even more than I do.

Her bags were all packed. She was ready to go. She had been biding her time through the long winter months, clinging to the pick me up that she was certain a mid-spring weekend away would give her.

And then, last week, she found out she was not going to be able to go.

She had the time off work. She’d checked out all the flight options. Nothing was standing in her way. Except… an unexpected pisser in the Econ Department.

People, I need you to help me get Hilly to Philly!

I’ve already finagled her hotel accommodations, and Avitable has made arrangements with a local pimp to get her beer money. But that goddamn air plane ticket is going to be another $300.

This is where YOU come in.

$300 sounds like a lot. I know this, man. But $300 divided by… oh… say… 100 people? That’s what – uh… um… (clickity click on the calculator…) $3 a piece! Or! Wait! Wait! Let’s say just 30 people give $10! Or 300 people give $1! Or –

Shit. Lost the train…

Ahem. ANYway.

Buy me a drink and you can help send Hilly to TequilaCon. What’s the cost of a drink? $3? $5? (I drink vodka, please keep that in mind!) By simply donating the cost of one drink – you will help us help our HillySue get the weekend away that she so desperately needs right now.

*Please picture my pouty “please, please, please do something nice here with us” face… right here.*

“But Britt, what’s in it for ME? I don’t even get to go to TequilaCon!”

I understand. I do. And if you can swing the 500 or so bucks to come join us – please! Do! But if you can’t swing 500 bucks and a spare weekend right now, won’t you give a couple dollars that you’ve got laying around in a PayPal account so that you can be part of the experience!?


OK. Fine. You fuckers drive a hard bargain. I’ll tell you what. Everyone who donates and/or puts the following buttons in a post (use the code provided) asking your readers to come here and donate will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift certificate! Plus? I will love you forever and send you pictures of the drunken debauchery relaxing.

That is all.

Oh. Wait.

:angel: I’m done now.

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