Who Wants A Movie Night?

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I am awesome.

In fact, I am so awesome that I recently won a movie trivia game on the BlogTalk Radio Show, “Turnbaby Talks“. And as reward for my awesome display of awesomenicity, Turnbaby sent me a gift certificate for Netflix!

I’ve never had Netflix before. (I know, I’m so uncool.) I was so excited to finally be able to watch all of the movies that the rest of the world saw two years ago!! I signed up and immediately began the process of adding movies to my Queue (which is English for “holding pattern” or “line”. The English are so funny.).

I added all of six movies before realizing I had no freaking clue what I should request.

I tried the “Movies We Think You’ll Love” recommendations. But the Brilliant Robot Designed To Read My Mind kept suggesting movies even I had seen, or movies I’d have to be ridiculously desperate to watch. (I’m not sure how the fact that I liked “The Passion of the Christ” indicates that I’d be interested in “Veggie Tales: Are You My Neighbor?”)

Clearly, I need some inspiration.

–> This is where you come in. <–

What movies do I just have to see?

Add your suggestions in the comments. One suggestion per comment. Multiple suggestions OK!

The winner will receive their very own gift certificate for Netflix! (Unless you already have it or something… in which case… we’ll figure something out.)

The winner will be chosen based on your suggestions: aka, movies I actually want to add to the queue.

Contest will be open until (randomly pulling deadline out of ass…):

Wednesday February 27th at MIDNIGHT Eastern Standard Time.

Help a girl out! Make my movie night!

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