100 Things: Part 1

With the redesign of the new template, the old 100 things list is gone. And really, it needed to go. It was out of date and blah blah boring zzzz blah.

So I’ve decided to regale you all with a fresh! new! 100 random things about me!

Over the next several weekends, I’ll share 10 random facts per post, broken down into a few different categories. (Someone somewhere did this, but I don’t know who…)

ANYway, this week I give you

100 Things About Miss Britt: 10 Things About My Family

  1. My Nana (my maternal grandmother) was born in Australia. She came to the United States when she got married. When my Nana came here and got married, she gave up her family title of Lady Derbyshire to do so.
  2. When I was growing up, my mom and I were poor as hell and a part of me resented the fact that my grandmother had given up some “right” to a privileged lifestyle. While we were eating food bank cheese (well, technically, I ate less than I hid), I was fantasizing about someone showing up ala Princess Diaries to restore my birthright!
  3. My Dad is adopted. He has absolutely no interest in knowing his biological parents. My sister and I have always wondered about the woman who passed on her genetic material to us.
  4. I am, by birth, an only child. In reality, I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. There was a time in my life, several divorces ago, when I would have said I had 10 brothers and sisters.
  5. I grew up with my two brothers and our mom. Because of that, I have always been closer to those two siblings than my other two – although I obviously love them all.
  6. My baby brother, my junior by nine years, has always been extremely special to me. I don’t love my other siblings any less, but our relationship is and always has been unique. No disrespect to our mother, but I love him like a son.
  7. My two dads walked me down the aisle when I got married. But it was my mother who stood up and gave me away.
  8. As dysfunctional as we all sound, I think my relationships with my family are deeper and richer than my husband’s relationships with his very “traditional” and outwardly functional family.
  9. My paternal grandparents live in the same house they got married in. It is my Home, in every sense of the word. It represents security and consistency and is the only physical place in the world I have tangible roots to.
  10. My mom and dad divorced when I was about 18 months old. Thankfully, all of the memories I have of them together are amicable. They have always gotten along remarkably well, and my mom is still very much apart of his extended family.

And that’s it! A tiny peek into what we merrily refer to as Dysfunction Junction!

Next Saturday: 10 Most Memorable Moments!

(I know, you wait with bated breath…)

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