Tomato, Tomahto

How do you pronounce Kegels? As in, the exercise?

I have gone my entire life pronouncing it KEE-gels. And I’ve probably said that word, out loud, in front of people, a million and two fucking times. No one has ever looked at me funny or gave any indication that anything was amiss.

And then, last night, I said it on the air.

And holy hell. Wouldn’t you know it. Apparently it’s pronounced KEG-els. Like KEH short e instead of KEE long e.

How fricking embarrassing. Seriously. Here I am prattling away like I know some shit, and I’m saying it wrong.

Know what else I apparently say wrong? Enveloped. Malleable. And Aunt.

I’m such a schmuck.

I suppose the good news is, I could be president some day.

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