This Show Can’t Go On Without YOU

Before I forget, there is something very important going on this weekend – and I need your help to make it marvelous.

I am going to be a star.

I’m finally getting my big break.

Mr. Fabulous has graciously invited me to co-host his BlogTalkRadio show. And it’s not just any show. Oh no. I am much too an important a guest for that.

It’s The Big One Year Anniversary Show!

The show is at.. um… frantically searches for engraved invitation… fuck… um… HA! Found it!

The show is this Sunday, July January 27th at 7:00pm EST.

Go here now and bookmark it. Add it to your calendar. Cancel your family game night, and be there!

No, seriously. You have to be. I promised Fab I would bring the goods – I’m assuming by “goods” he meant you.

So you have to come listen. And login to the chat. And OMG you can call and TALK to me!! Haven’t you ALWAYS wanted to TALK to me!?!?

Oh shut up, you have to.

SERIOUSLY though, I need your help.

It’s an hour long show, and I have no clue what I’m going to talk about. None. And I sure as shit can’t leave Fab in charge of my big debut.

So tell me, dear Internet, what would you like to hear me discuss on The Big One Year Anniversary Show?

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