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It’s no secret around the Internet that two of my best friends in the entire world are bloggers. If you’ve been reading here for any length of time, you already know that I absolutely adore Adam and Amy.

(If you’re new here – HI! Everyone, say “Hi” to the newcomers. “Hi Newcomers!”)

Here’s something that you might not know…

These two saved my life last year.

And my marriage.

I went back and forth on whether to talk about them together or separately (or whether to snub Avitable completely, because that kind of thing gets him so worked up and makes me laugh and laugh and laugh), but ultimately I realized that there was no way I could say what one meant to me without explaining how invaluable the other was.

About a year ago, my life started to fall apart. Most specifically, my marriage was crumbling. A combination of old hang ups and new issues I could have never anticipated came together to cause The Perfect Storm – and there was a time when I was absolutely certain we wouldn’t survive.

One week before my 7 year anniversary, I told my husband I wanted a divorce. And I meant it. The months that followed that were horrendous, for both of us.

The first person to notice was Amy. I didn’t even have to say the words for her to pick up on the signs that something wasn’t right. She would swing from righteous indignation on my behalf, to subtle warnings that something would have to be done to prevent permanent damage. And when I began to self destruct, she was the first person I ran to with my confessions.

She sat with me when I was alone. She listened to me when I was too ashamed to be heard by anyone else. She plotted Jared’s demise when he made me cry. And she welcomed him back into the fold when he proved to be more than either of us had expected. She taught me what it means to support without judgment; to trust in another person enough to believe that ultimately they would do the right thing – without any condemnation or “guidance”.

She gave me the strength to fight for my marriage.

And then, there was Adam. Adam willingly shared his own horrors in an effort to comfort me about mine. He reminded me over and over again that regardless of my reactions, my intentions were ultimately usually coming from a good place. And he offered me something that I needed so badly and yet had experienced so rarely – a protective instinct.

He is one of the few people in the world who have been able to see past a strong personality and an ability to “take care of myself” and see a vulnerability that wanted to be taken care of. His need to make everything OK gave me a safe place to let it all go when I simply couldn’t hold it together anymore.

And I don’t care how inappropriate that sounds, it saved me.

I have been really, really blessed with some amazing people in my life, and these two are some of the best. They’re encouragement, they’re support, they’re understanding – I can’t imagine getting through each day without it.

And on one day in particular, I’d like to thank them both. Both of their birthdays are Saturday (what are the odds?), and I would love it if you all would run over and wish each of them a very Happy Birthday.

Believe me, they’ve earned it.

P.S. Don’t forget to listen to me on BlogTalkRadio on Sunday for The Big One Year Anniversary Show!

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