Whew. I’m back. About 6 hours later than I had planned to be back, but I’m here. In my house.

And it is sooooo fucking WARM.

As in, Sweet Jesus Thank You For The Sunshine And We Should All Pray For Those Poor Bastards Up North, warm.

I have lots of stories to sort through and 272 pictures to upload and edit. I have a couple loads of laundry and suitcases to unpack. I have about 50 million presents to try to find a place for.

I have one Wish List Gift that arrived while I was gone – with no name on the invoice except for my own. Anyone know how to track down a gift giver for a much deserved THANK YOU??

I’ve already gone through 140+ emails. I’m scared to open my feed reader (seriously people – fucking HOLIDAYS! sheesh!).

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have something for you.

But right now…

I’m home.

I know you were waiting with bated breath. Heh.

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