A Blogger Christmas: A Photo Essay

Last night when I got home from work, I noticed something was… different.


Oooh! It’s a box! And look…


Whatever could it be?

Let’s open it and find out!


And in the box there was


No, really.


And inside the card… we have…


Awwww. Cards for everyone!

So, let’s get back to ME. It didn’t say “Miss Britt and Family” on the box. Let’s go back to the Box.


Oh my goodness this is a lot of opening.

Get through the second box and we have…


Good LORD this is a lot of work. Whatever is in here had better be good. We have some tissue paper, some more paper, some…

Oh my.

Here it is.


Quite possibly the best. gift. ever.

Right about here is where husband comes home and finds me squealing with delight. “Look! It even has staples!” I am absolutely cackling with happiness.

“What happened to you today?” he asks.

“I got a present!” gasping, wheezing, “Look! My friend Becky from the ‘puter sent me a present!” I collapse into a fit of giggles.

“What is that?”

“It’s a stapler!” I explain. (I mean, seriously. Clearly. It’s a stapler!)

“Ummm… OK” he is obviously still confused. “Why are people from the Internet sending you staplers?”


Thanks Becky.

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