Thanksgiving post #345298901

Look! A Thanksgiving post! On Thanksgiving! With a creative title to boot!

(Who the hell says “to boot”?)

You know, I realize that a laundry list of “things I will thank the Gods Of Turkey for” is cliche and as overdone as the constant references to being sleepy from the tryptophan. I know.

But this year is different for me. Because this year I don’t have the comfort of lifelong traditions and knowing what comes next. Or the family to bitch about and joke about and laughingly reminisce with. This year Thanksgiving is kind of all fucked up for me… which makes me stop and think about what it’s supposed to be about.

And no, I don’t mean pilgrims. You only celebrate the pilgrims and the indians if you live in New England, I’m pretty sure. (Besides, peace and goodwill between the Americans and Anyone Else is sooo last term.)

What was I saying?

Oh yes! Thanksgiving! The Giving of Thanks!

*ahem* *cough* *clear* *ahem*

Ladies and Gentlepeople,

I would like to give thanks, first, to God (dude, I’ve seen the Award Shows, I know what I’m doing here.)

And not just for the babies and the earth and the naturally curly hair. I mean, thank you for that stuff too. And especially for the gift of Aveda to tame such hair while protecting said Earth and therefore positively affecting the babies (I’m sure). But also? Remember that time last summer when I found out my one House For Sale was in a flood zone? And I kind of told You we weren’t speaking anymore? Yeah. Heh. About that. Sooo… you really did kind of come through in the end and stuff. And I might not have ever mentioned it – so, um, thanks. And, uh, sorry about all that “and you make me look like a freaking FOOL for believing in you!” stuff.

Whew. Deepness.

NEXT, I’d like to offer up some Thanksgiving Love to my husband.

You know how I told you like a week before our anniversary trip that I wanted a divorce? Ah, good times, good times. Well, um, so – I’m sorry about all “that”. And seriously? You’ve really pulled through during all this “let’s turn our lives upside down and just move” stuff. So, um, thanks. For, y’know, refusing to let me blow our lives up back then. And being really amazingly awesome since the move (it’s OK, we won’t count that first month – that shit was tough). But really, in all seriousness, I cannot say enough how much your love and strength have amazed me. And quite literally saved me, more times than you’ll ever know.

*wipes away tears*


Who else… who else…

Oh, of course you have to thank your Mom.

And mine, really, has been pretty fucking incredible over the last six months. She told me it was OK to leave. And she gets her happy ass up every morning at 6:30 to talk to me – so that it doesn’t really feel like I ever left. This is more impressive if you know how NOT a morning person she is. Really Mom, thank you. I know I make fun of you for being all hippie-airy-fairy and I don’t tell you enough how much You being You has made it easier for Me to be Me. So – thank you.

And then…. umm…

am I forgetting anyone?

*looks around the room*

*notices a few hands waving frantically*

*and possibly some huffing. and puffing. and outrage.*

Oh yes. Of course. Probably almost mostly, I have to thank you all.

I mean, you stood by me through all of it. You listened to me cry and scream and worry and doubt. You reminded me that I would be just fine, and you even offered advice when you could. You reminded me I was not alone.

And when family was miles and miles away, and couldn’t offer an actual hug or shoulder, or family tradition…

you invited me into yours.

Truly, I know how cheesy it is. But I can’t even imagine how I would have survived the last several months without the love and non-judgey support of my friends. Truly. My husband, though he has no idea how much, thanks you. My children – and not just because you send them presents – thank you.

And I, from the absolute bottom of my Turkey congested heart, thank you.

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