Halloween In What I Think You Would Call “The ‘Burbs”

First, I have been given this:

The Original Perfect Post Awards - Oct

For this, by her (ok Her is SleepyNita of Drowning in Laundry.. the least I can do is use her name!!).

I can’t even tell you how touched I am. But I’m sure you can imagine.

ANYway, yay me and thank you SleepyNita. Seriously.

Moving on… Halloween and the Holiday That Almost Wasn’t.

I had been dragging my feet on Halloween. I didn’t get new costumes because, well, they had plenty that had barely been worn and it’s not like anyone here would know the difference.

I wasn’t excited about trick or treating because I wasn’t even sure when or where this was to be done. Back home we had a set date and time (shut up, yes I know now most places don’t do that, back off me) and here we… uh… they… uh… fuck, I had no clue.

We didn’t get pumpkins because we hardly ever get pumpkins. Because grandma and grandpa get pumpkins for everyone.

I was kind of bummed, thinking of all the stupid little traditions from back home and the fact that I was so freaking lost here when it came to even the simplest of things.

In short, I was being a HalloScrooge. And a pretty shitty mom.

Thankfully, at the last minute, I pulled my head out of my ass.

I sent the husband to the pumpkin patch to prepare for an afternoon of carving and cookie baking. I left work early to pick up The Dora Costume and The Something Scary That Totally Covers ALL of Me!!

They carved, we dressed up, we prepared to venture into the great trick or treating unknown.

And wouldn’t you know it – a neighbor showed up at the door. In fact, the entire family showed up. Sure, they were begging for candy. But they also shook hands and smiled and talked and made us feel like… well… neighbors.

When we finally headed out, every new door opened revealed a real life, smiling person. Right here. On my street. Down the block. Around the corner. For the first time since we moved here, I felt like I lived among people and not just the shells of model homes with cars that are never driven and yards that are never played in.

The neighborhood was alive with kids and teenagers and parents and laughing and… just, everything. For the first time the streets breathed. And I grinned and laughed and sweat my happy little ass off as we walked in and out of the throngs of people.

And it was magic.

One holiday down.

Two more to go.

But for now… I’m just going to bask in the glow of one really good night.

Click to see the set. If, you know, you're into that.

Edited to add: people, click on the ONE picture and you can see the rest.  Sheesh.

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