The one in which I humiliate myself in order to give YOU all a genuine look at Halloween

Do you ever have one of those times where you come face to face with the fact that your perception of things might be slightly (or possibly dramatically) different than how others perceive things?

For example:

I imagined that Avitable’s Halloween party was fantastic! I hung out with some of the most amazingly fabulous people you could ever hope to share a karaoke mic with. In my head, I was one of several belles of the ball and equally as charming and wonderful as the others.

In reality…







(click on the pictures to make bigger…)

Dignity, thy name is Hasta La Vista.

Another example:

I imagine myself to be a pretty warm, genuine, fun person. I also imagine, in my head, that everyone would be falling over themselves for a chance to hang out with me. Because I am fun! And happy! And in general pretty fucking nice!

However, I was recently informed in the middle of a certain party that I am not nearly as well liked as one would hope for because I am, in fact “abrasive and try too hard.”


I’m having a crisis of identity this morning.

You can read more reviews of the party here, here, here and here.

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