A list of things I’d like to get done in the foreseeable future:

* Decorate my daughter’s room – which is going to include a total overhaul, right down to a new bed

* Paint and decorate my living room

* And dining room. And kitchen. And hallway. And front “formal living room”.

*And also my bedroom, bathroom, and the guest bedroom.

*Install a bar in the Great Room

*Make my husband mount the monstrous TV on the OTHER wall in the living room.

*Add tile to the back splash in the kitchen

*Add pendulum and task lighting to the kitchen. Which will probably help my guacamole making.

*Learn how to make guacamole. *sigh*

*Figure out what to do to the color of my hair that will make it pretty, and mask my sad, sad, dishwater roots.

*Start working out again. *sigh*

*Quit smoking

*Wax my damn eyebrows

*And possibly cut my hair

*Redo my blog. Major. Have so many awesome ideas.

Things I find myself doing instead that cause me to not complete a single thing on prior list:

*Reading other people’s blogs

*Watching TV

*Take kids to daycare/school, go to work, work, pick up kids, dinner, baths, bed. Rinse. Repeat.

I am no fool. Obviously, something from list two is going to have to get axed if list one is ever going to happen.

Clearly, those little bastards need to become more independent.

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