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This blogging thing has finally paid off.  At long last, I no longer have to pretend that your love and affection is enough.  Or worse, that I am blogging “for myself”.  I can finally embrace the fruits of my labor with open arms!

I. Gotz. Swag!

Well.  Um.  Technically…. I got a free book sent to me and was asked to “review the book if you feel like it”.

Clearly, they are dying for the publicity my immensely influential blog can offer.

I take my role in today’s economy very seriously, and realize that I have a responsibility to my advertisers and generous benefactors to produce for them if I am going to continue to get free stuff because you all read me.  Therefore…

ScreamFree Parenting by Hal Runkel: A Review by Miss Britt

(fuck, I hope I got the name of the book right… damn it.  Note to self: helpful to have swag in front of you when you are attempting to whore it out)

In a word: Awesome.

Seriously.  This is the “parenting” book I wish I had been a good enough parent to write.  It’s the book we all want to be able to write, if we ignore all the times we fuck up parenting completely.

The basic premise of this book is that Parenting is not about Kids.

Actually, in my opinion, the basic premise of this book is that your “success” as a parent is about you, ultimately.  Or rather, your happiness or unhappiness is nobody’s fucking fault but your own.  So stop trying to figure out how you can make everyone else in your life act a certain way, and start figuring out what YOU are going to act like.

Oh, and by the way, when you do that… they will probably end up doing what you want a lot of the time anyway.

No.  Wait.  I’m not getting this right.

See, it’s not all airy fairy and Leave The Kids Alone!

It’s a wonderful balance of personal responsibility and accountability, acknowledging your child’s rights and individualism, and beating their fucking asses when it’s necessary.  I mean, you know, basically.

Honestly though – if you find yourself at your wit’s freaking end with your kids, I highly recommend you get this book.

Actually, if you find yourself at your wit’s end with ANYONE in your life, I highly recommend you get this book.

I think you can get it here. (I know, I am so helpful.  To both my readers and the publishery people.)

ANYway.  Stay tuned.  I am certain that my staggering popularity is going to lead to more pleas for product endorsements in the future.  (I mean, unbiased reviews, of course)  I’m sure in no time I will be entertaining you all with Tales of Prada vs. Dolce: The Catfight For Miss Britt’s Seal Of Approval.

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