Because Sexual Orientation is The Same As Relationship Status. Apparently.

I have to admit, I am not a Harry Potter fan (yep, we’re going there today… stay with me.).

I’m not a hater or anything like that. I’ve just never read the books. And I’ve seen like 3/4′s of maybe two movies. I have no rhyme or reason or deep seeded plan to avoid the Harry Potter Craziness. I just haven’t seen it, read it, got it, whatever.

In fact, I had to google “Harry Pottery character is gay” to make sure I spelled the name right.

Yeah. We all know. Headmaster Dumbledore is, apparently, gay. (why yes, that is disdain dripping in my voice because, quite frankly, if it wasn’t addressed in the book – what the hell is the point?)

It seems there have been some whisperings about this among fans for some time (insert copious amounts of condescending eye rolling). Which might explain why the “outing” of a fictional character by an author is making big news. (and here we have more eye rolling.)

Here’s what disturbs me. Please, someone else tell me if you see anything wrong with this picture:


Question: Why did Dumbledore never find true love?

Answer: He’s gay




Um… excuse me?

No? Nothing? No one sees a problem with this?

Ok…. let’s try this another way…


Husband’s Grandmother: Is that oldest son of yours still not married?

Husband’s Father: No mom, he’s still single.

Husband’s Grandmother: Ah. I see. So he’s gay then?


Please God tell me that someone sees the similarities here!

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