The Interview – now with visual aides

You know how this works.  Someone posts an interview on their site.  They say “if you want me to interview you, let me know”.  And all the lazy ass bloggers go “ooh! me! me! me! Please God give ME something to write about!”

Finally, Amy picked me.

Without further delay…

Miss Britt: The Interview

1. You have to give up all of your shoes except for TWO pairs. Which two do you keep?

This is easy.  In fact, you would have had the answers to this much sooner but I was hoping to supply you with pictures.  Unfortunately, by the time I get home at night and am able to take pictures – well, I kind of forget and am distracted by the promise of spending two hours flipping the remote and bitching about how there is nothing on TV and dear God when does the new fucking season start?!ARGH

Fortunately for you, my neglect of my blog only affects me at night.  During the day I am ready and willing to go the extra mile for you people.

Anyway.  The shoes.


Pair number one would be my Red Wild Diva peep toe heels that I bought in Vegas.  So hot.  So cute.  So hard to find stuff to “match” with – and yet when you wear it with black or white or something completely unexpected it is just… yum.  If I die tomorrow, please promise I will be buried in these shoes.


Pair number two would be the brown pointy toed ones I just bought.  They have a heel, but a short one (for me anyways) and they are absolutely amazing with a pair of jeans.  By far my favorite jean shoe ever.  They have some hardware that is apparently “in” this season (which, honestly, I think is a completely retarded notion) and they are just happiness and validation in leather.

2. Your favorite meal to cook? What does the entire menu consist of?

Actually, my favorite meal consists of a check at the end that I don’t have to pick up.

But, OK, cooking… cooking… I can do domestic…

Actually, my favorite thing I’ve ever made is Chicken Pasta Primavera.  With home made sauce and noodles.  And peas and carrots and oh my God it is so good.  Do you know how much better white sauce is that you MAKE rather than BUY?

Do you also know how FAT that shit will make you?  Well, me anyway.  When I eat stuff like homemade pasta and yummy yummy cream sauce, I turn into a pear.


3. What project (aside from your marriage or children) are you most proud of?

Actually, I probably wouldn’t have said my kids anyway.  I mean, I’m proud of them – don’t get me wrong.  But more in a “holy shit these kids are AMAZING and how cool is it to be their mom?!!?” way than a “wow, look what I did” way.  Because I’m pretty sure they are awesome in spite of their mother.

I’m pretty proud that I’m kicking Adam’s ass in sales right now.  I think, thus far, the thing I’m most proud of is all the work and planning that went into fixing up and selling two houses while simultaneously buying another one – 1400 miles away.  That’s pretty cool.  And everyone keeps telling me why “they” wouldn’t/couldn’t/shouldn’t do it.

4. Favorite household chore? Least favorite?

Is hiring an interior decorator a household chore?  No?  Well fine, I don’t do that anyway!

Do people really have a favorite household chore?  That’s like “what would be your favorite way to die violently?”

Now, my least favorite chore – anything having to do with bathrooms.  Or floors.  Or kitty shit.  Or animals of any kind.  Or sweating.  Or anything that can be described as a “chore”, pretty much.  Yeah.  That’s it.

5. Craft or home project you really get into?

Oh my God my best friend is a Marth Stewart Robot and she’s trying to suck out my brain!  I’m on to you Martha Fembot!  You will never defeat me – never!

(Unless of course you bring me interior paint in gold tones and some delicious wall art with that really cool copper vase I’ve been oggling…)

So.  That’s it.  Now you know the truth.  My BFF has been swallowed by her bed linens and replaced by a domesticating tyrant.

If you would like to be interviewed – just email me at britt   atttttt   miss-britt  dot   com (Death to you too spam bots! Pew!~)

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