For it’s Avitable Tuesday

(imagine “he’s a jolly good fellow”… :whistle: )

For it’s Avitable Tuesday
For it’s Avitable Tuesday
For it’s Avitable TuessssssssDAYYYYYYYYYY
which nobobdy can deny. Hey!

As most of you have already noticed, I’m posting over at Avi’s place today. I figured since I had to tell you all I was there anyway, why not make a day of it. A Theme day. An all Avi day. Because I like patterns and stuff, don’t you?

So, in addition to posting over there, over here we’re going to answer Avitable’s interview questions. Sounds fun, no? Ooh, Ahhh, Yay!

OK, moving on, Miss Britt: The Interview – Part 349, the Avitable Edition

The questions are in bold and my answers are beneath. Immediately beneath. Just so you don’t get confused. Some of you get easily confused I think. (I kid, I kid, nothing but love, really)

1. Do you think we should have a casual Friday where we just sit around in our underwear and work?

As opposed to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, where YOU sit around in your underwear and work?

Um, no. Because my underwear is cute and coordinating and designed for the express purpose of giving me the power to have sex if and when I want to.

Your underwear is baggy and holey and made for comfort. (relch, sorry, dry heave there, “comfort”.. relch.. couldn’t help myself)

Mah panties are simply too good for yo panties.

2. If your job was an episode of the Office, who would you be and who would I be?

Oooh, that’s a tough one. I mean, in some ways I’m Kelly – you know, all chatty and bouncy and happy and not listening or caring and YAY! MAKEUP! And then there is Angela – and I’m obviously not as tight ass looking as her, but I am pretty damn good at my job. But of course I really want to be Pam. I mean, everyone wants to be Pam, right?

Jeez. I don’t know. I’ll have to think on that further.

You, obviously, are Creed.

3. Out of all of the horrible things that Florida has to offer, what’s the single thing that you hate the most?

My neighbors – or lack there of. I like this place, and I like staying in this place. But it still doesn’t feel like I live in this place. When I’m at my house, in my own neighborhood, in “my town” – it doesn’t feel like My Town. I don’t have any roots there yet.

Plus, no one has introduced themselves or brought pie yet. And what the fuck? Everyone knows you bring pie.

4. Out of all of the horrible things that Iowa had to offer, what’s the single thing that you miss the least?

I had to reread that question 11 times to be clear you were asking about the thing I DID NOT LIKE about Iowa.

The single thing I miss the least is how far away everything was from everything else. My son and I went this weekend to get paint and frames and blah blah blah to decorate his room and we were gone a TOTAL of two hours. With travel time. That would never have been possible at home.

Every time I go grocery shopping or running errands, I always come back in the door and announce “I was only gone 48 minutes!” – because I just can’t get over it. (Obviously not always “48″. But, I mean, you know – that’s an example)

5. If, as your mom said, I’m family now, does that make me dirty for thinking what I’m thinking right now?

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