But do you love me?

You guys are so nice.  Really.  I had 24 comments over at The Stache and it sounds so dorky and needy… but I appreciate it.

Speaking of dorky and needy and other fun ways to describe myself…

I got stuck in traffic this morning for over an hour (and while I’m sure THAT would be a post that would keep all of you on the edge of your seats…) – so I’m a little behind.

In lieu of actual writing, I’m going to ask YOU to tell ME what you think of… er.. ME! (That sounded better in my head)

First – tell me how wonderful I am at the Johari Window.

Then – tell me what you really think (you critical bastards!!) at the Nohari Window.

And remember, an opinion doesn’t count if it’s anonymous! (Not really, technically.  But I mean come ON – what am I going to do?  Hunt you down and make you my bitch?)

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