What a difference a day makes

My couch showed up – YAY! A little earlier than I expected… so… well, who says you have to wear a bra for the delivery men, right?

But, braless or no, the furniture is here. And it’s GORGEOUS. Even better than I had expected. And I dare say the “great room” actually looks terribly close to a real room. I’m going to have to figure out what to call it though. Great Room just doesn’t roll off the tongue like you’d think.

I did have to retire my beautiful red rug, which caused more than a few tears on my part. I LOVE that rug, I remember how thrilled I was when I found it and how PERFECT it was in the old house. But it just doesn’t go anywhere or with anything here. Yet.

My bedroom is pretty much done. Moving furniture across thick carpet as opposed to shit ass wood floors? Much, much more difficult. Picking up a 27 inch TV and using my face to hoist it on top of a dresser? Not exactly safe. Or easy. Or painless. But it’s done and it looks MUCH better. And I have BLINDS, so no more 11pm peep show for the neighbors. I still have clothes to hang up – but thanks to a quick run to Wal-Mart (YAY for non-rural living!!!), I have plenty of hangers with which to finish the job tomorrow.

My shoes are put away. Barely. You’d think with three times the closet space that it would be easy to find room for shoes. But, alas, I had to hang a shoe rack off the back of the closet door and double line beneath my clothes because the shelving simply wasn’t enough. I don’t know where I’m going to put the two new pairs I bought tonight (shh – they were on sale. And I didn’t have pink ones yet. Or brown ones in that exact shade).

I still have no fridge, but the parts have arrived and I’m praying to God that the phenomenon that is Florida Time does not affect the wonderful GE repairman. I’m actually hoping I’ll have the luxury of real life grocery shopping by tomorrow night.

Tomorrow I move on to my son’s room – poor little nugget is living in a pile with nothing but his video games to console him. He hasn’t seemed to notice, but with school starting Monday it might be nice to be able to get to his wardrobe (which will NOT be able to be recharged because they are selling all JEANS and LONG SLEEVES already here! In FLORIDA! What the FUCK?!)

I’m also hoping to unwrap a few pictures and what-not’s tomorrow. While the ensemble I’ve got going on right now of brown paper bag and masking tape is STUNNING against the white walls, it’s time to start banging nails into the walls. I only hope the Hairy Gorilla that the Florida Welcome Wagon keeps sending over will prove himself willing and able with a nail and a level. And possibly a stud finder.

I still don’t have an entertainment center, because the one I want (and maybe, perhaps, drool over a few times a day) would cost me damn near $900 and I’m just not ready to admit defeat in that department yet. Surely there is a deal on something just exactly as wonderful as This Little Piece Of Heaven. Right?

But, I won’t think about that tonight. Tonight I’m going to soak in the tub that I can fit my whole entire body into without so much as a slight pinch in the neck.  I’m going to turn the lights off and the jets on and just… soak.  And then, if I’m lucky, I’ll get the massage I so rightly deserve.

I did, after all, find The Box.

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