She bangs, she bangs

One week from today, I will be in Florida.

With my husband.

And my kids.

And my cat.

And a U-Haul full of all of my earthly belongings.

So, if you are moving 1400 miles away in one week, what do you spend your time doing?

Well… you get a pedicure, and a hair cut, and have lunch with your favorite aunt – of course!

Because one week from today I will no longer be near God’s Gift To curly hair, and this was my last chance.  So, in celebration, I decided to take the plunge.  I. Got. Bangs!

I also got cute little flowers on my toes (during the pedicure, not the hair cut (I know, out of sequence, but I had to be sure to tell you about my cute ass flowers on my toes)).

Tomorrow I will be doing really grown up packing and stuff.  Promise.

And probably stopping to admire the bangs every time I pass by a shiny surface.

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