It’s like… The Godfather, for women

Today I will be spending the day packing, loading the U-Haul, and saying more good-byes.  There are a few who have put off “this is it” until today, promising to come help pack rather than say good bye one last time any sooner than necessary.

And then, after the truck is packed, and the house is empty, and I have hugged and waved just about everyone, we will load up and head off to spend my last night in Iowa at my mom’s house.

Tomorrow morning we will worry about good-byes there.  Tonight, we will sit on the couch and wrap ourselves in fictional sadness as we gorge on Steel Magnolias.  When I was a kid, my mom and I used to rent Beaches and Steel Magnolias every year around Christmas.  We would curl up on the couch together with blankets and tissues and prepare ourselves for the sob fest – a ritual we truly enjoyed.  My dad would roll his eys, my brothers would take pictures – all would shake their heads and call us crazy, completely unable to understand why we would purposely set ourself up for tears.

My mom and I are criers.  It doesn’t bother us, unless we have to do it in front of a mirror (because seriously? Ew.  I am the world’s most hideous bawler.).  We enjoy getting swept up in emotions – whether it’s laughter or tears.  Double bonus points if it’s “laughter through tears es mah favorite emotion”.

Ah, yes, the words to be repeated often and generally lived by – our favorite Steel Magnolias’ quotes.

My husband now understands that the truest measure of my love can be summed up with “ah baby, you know I love you more than mah luggage.”

I’m looking forward to the sob fest.  We debated on watching Beaches – but there really is no up swing to that movie.  Besides, the strong undercurrents of the mother-daughter storyline should prove to be especially devastating as we prepare to say good bye to one another for a long time.

Yeah, I know.  We’re sick.

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