I won’t think about that today

Ah… OK… I’m here.

Where do I start?

First, thank you all so much. The comments. The emails – which, wow, you guys are really amazing. The phone calls and IMs and just listening to me sob my eyes out at times. Thank you, all of you, for your unselfish and often blind support – as most of you had no idea what exactly you were supporting me through.

I’m still a little hesitant to get too much into details as we have two houses that we are closing on shortly and I’m just kind of jumpy about going into too much detail on the internet. My vagina? We can detail for days. But the intricate workings of a housing contract? Well, a girl’s gotta have some limits.

What I can say right now is that I got a phone call on Wednesday from the Realtor that had the potential to derail everything. The sale, the purchase, the move… all of it. However, we came up with a possible solution and as of Saturday morning at about 9:30 – it seems like all parties involved have agreed and we’re back on track. Thank God.

Thank God. Ah the irony. I’ll tell you when things got really, really, really bad, I spent a lot of time screaming at God. And then time screaming at myself wondering if I had just been talking to myself all the years and “they” were all right. Ah yes, I am a freaking ROCK of faith I tell you. A quivering, bumbling, wavering, fare weather, Rock.

Anyway, things are moving forward… again.

And some day I may be able to tell you the story of the day my world caved in on me from all sides. And how I hate FEMA with a passion. And how a girl should only be expected to take so much in one day and getting hit over and over with new problems all. damn. day is just not FAIR. Some day, when it’s farther away and possibly funny. Some day.

ANYway…. Tomorrow I’ll be back. Begging you all to vote for me.

Because I’m getting damn sick of being nominated for shit and never winning!

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