I know my blog sucks lately

Things To Do In The Next 13 Days:

  • Pack – 7 rooms
  • Including the Kitchen
  • And 3 Bedrooms
  • And also a garage
  • And a basement
  • Finish installing a garage door opener – again.
  • Replace a storm window that broke in.. heh… a storm.
  • Replace a light switch plate that mysteriously cracked in half
  • Figure out why the fuck this house is trying to kill me. Now.
  • Get my hair cut
  • Go to post office and tell everyone my new address! Yay! In a “community! Yay! (Do you think you can get that on address labels??)
  • Order address labels
  • Get the last of the “junk” out of old house that I’m already not living in.
  • Change my address at the bank
  • Clean car – first must find dumpster large enough to hold contents of hideously disgusting SUV.
  • Get oil changed, lights replaced, etc. etc. etc.
  • Wonder why I am constantly replacing headlights, tail lights, turn signal light thingies, etc.
  • Confirm reservation and availability of Biggest Fucking Truck You Got with U-Haul, who I have strangely heard nada from
  • Maybe, perhaps, hopefully, have time for a few “good byes”
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