I can’t decide if I’m the silver or gold

It has been said that I am a bad friend (of course, the person who usually says that is CONSTANTLY violating the sanctity of friendship with his whorishness).

To this I say – fuck you.

Do I sit and listen to you cry your eyes out?

Do I reassure you and stand by your side, fiercely loyal to the end?

Do I give advice when asked and remain silently supportive when necessary?

I. Think. Not.

No, I have shit to do, OK? I am busy and packing and stressed and as such am completely self absorbed and bitchy.

And yet, and YET…

I make time, to do THIS.

Pfft. Bitch, please. You should be so lucky to have a friend like me.

(10pts to the person who gets the title)

Edited to add: apparently I wasn’t obvious enough.  I did a guest post.  Click the links.  It’s funny. (sheesh!)

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