Does this room make me look fat?

OK.  It’s time.  You’ve all been very patient.  Some of you have begged.  Some of you have even offered elaborate favors for just a brief shot at them.And, of course, a select few of you have already gotten a sneak peak.

By now it’s time to share them with the rest of the world…

My house.  Or rather, my future house.  Knock on wood, turn around three times and say “please, please, thank you, thank you to the God of Paperwork and Building Inspections.”

We begin with full frontal…


Allow me to give you the tour.  Step into the front door…


And directly to your left you have the only room we have enough furniture to fill.  Or, ahem, what we call the “ForMAHL Living Room”


As you make your way back out of the ForMAHL Living Room, you will notice my beautiful tile.  And also, one of my favorite features of the house, the built in Shelves For My Husband’s Shit right inside the front door.  First decorative item to be purchased – fancy bowl for fancy shelf for husband’s ugly not fancy shit.


And then we have the image that brought tears to my eyes the first time I saw it.  Literally.  The realtor did a little happy dance behind me.  I am soooo bad at property poker.  But LOOK at these countertops people!


I will spare you the 52 additional pictures of my kitchen that come next in the sequence.  We’ll skip the dining room for a sec and go right to BAM!  Big Ass Room.  Er.  Big Ass Monster.  Room. Heh.


I do not have a SINGLE piece of furniture to put in this room.  So it’s pretty much going to look like this, all the time:


Quick, turn back around.  You missed my dining room…


And then we have bathroom, bathroom, bathroom.  Mine.  No kids or toys or squishy whales allowed.  Or cats.  Cats simply cannot appreciate this, I’m sure of it.


OK, OK, that’s enough.  I’ll spare you the picture of the toilets.  You probably won’t be as impressed by the fact that the toilet has it’s own door anyway. (but seriously!  own door!!)

Should you ever come stay with me, this is where you will pee.  There are two bathrooms that look exactly like this:


And that’s about it.  I know people say you shouldn’t post what you had for lunch and stuff on your blog – and I’m pretty sure this qualifies as That Kind Of Boring Shit.  But I don’t care.

Just be glad I didn’t slap you with the 10 pictures of the covered lanai (that’s porch in Floridian) and the lovingly shot pictures of my garage (double stall!  garage door opener!!  windows on the door!  a SINK!  and little stoppie thingies already installed!!  YAY!!)

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