The Blank Page

I sit here looking at this screen, wishing I had something funny to write.  I want so badly to entertain you all with laughter and embarassment.  For your sake.

For me?  Well for me I kind of want to wallow.  I want to continue to spew more whiny pity party bull shit about how I cannot take the stress any fucking more.  I want to beg and plead for someone to take pity (there’s that word again) on me, swoop up both my houses and fly me off to a new, finished, home with a pool somewhere.

I want to bitch and moan and have much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

And I just… can’t.

I look at this poor blog, my sadly neglected baby, and I hate that all I have to give is shit lately.  A long, depressing, boring ass line of shit.

I’m starting to wonder if a blank out of date page would be better…

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