If a picture is worth a thousand words

Close your eyes for a moment.

Imagine, if you will (fuck, you didn’t really close your eyes did you??)… Carly Simon…

“You’re so vain… da da da da… you probably think this song is about you… You’re so Vain… (soo vain)…”

K, Got it?

Keep singing.

I went through my pictures on my camera yesterday.

Apparently, I love me.

And also? I love me more and get artsy when I drink and get driven

britt-in-car britt-in-car-side

And I am totally confident I am cuter than Adam. Or at least, I was…


But it seems I like to be in charge of the camera. Or I turn into a bitch.


Shit, can you fuckers even see these?

I’m desperate here, OK?

I guess I could have just resorted to these…


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