Get a room, no, i mean, a life

Fucking. A.

I just got done paying bills.  And I know – a part of life and blah blah blah.  And its not the bills or the money or any of that necessarily that annoys me.  It is, specifically, where the fuck my money is going right now.

My two biggest expenditures for the month were not a mortgage. Or a car payment.  Or anything that most people expect to shell out cash towards.  Oh. No.

MY two biggest expenditures for the month?

*the gas station

*the home improvement store

Again – Fucking. A.  That’s pretty indicative of our lives right now.  Drive to work.  Drive home.  Work on this cock sucking house.  Puke.

Maybe I need a little more online shopping to bring some much needed “balance” to my life.  That’s got to be more effective than yoga.

(Psst… go check out These Walls Have Ears.  I am the shittiest friend in the world… YAY!)

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