True and False

This may or may not be Miss Britt. And, I may or may not have internet connection and I might have asked someone to post something here so that my legions of devoted fans would know that I am in no way neglecting them.

Two of the following are NOT true. If you guess which two – Avitable will send you a picture of his balls.

  • I once sold car insurance to a blind woman.
  • I once tested an adult product in the bathroom at work because I didn’t think it would work… and it did.
  • I flashed my boobs during a Mardi Gras parade and ended up with a bruised nipple when it was struck with a Mardi Gras bead.
  • In my younger years (much, much younger) I believed that being blonde made me more prone to sin (and lots of Catholic guilt) so I dyed my hair dark brown for about 6 months. It didn’t work so I went back to blonde.
  • Avitable saw me change my clothes.

Edited To Update:

I can’t believe no one got this right.  I have never been to Mardi Gras – an hence have never flashed my boobs and suffered a bruised nipple.  And I have never, ever, ever stuck to one hair color for 6 months.

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