Praying for a break

Dear God,



The last few months?  Have really kind of sucked.  And yesterday?  Between the car dying, the drain backing up, and someone eating my left over stir fry… well, I just don’t have it left in me to get up early enough to fix my blog.

Listen Lord, I know I’ve got some bad karma coming my way.  I know.  But isn’t the whole point of me, and you, and me and you talking and stuff supposed to be that I don’t get what I deserve?  Please GOD tell me that’s how this ends or I am so, so, screwed.

ANYway.  God?  I need a miracle.  Well, not even a miracle.  Something wonderful.  Something big and great and a hell of a break and just gooood.  Ya know?  And not like “oooh, 50 cents off coffee today” good.

Let’s be honest God, I’d really appreciate if you could sell my house. Like… now.  Please.

And also?  Fix my blog.



P.S. Actually God, this is more to the Readers than to you.  I know you already know about this being All Knowing and what-not.  Anyhoo – readers – Amy and I faceoff.  Check it out.

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