Love May Be A Two Way Street, But Adoration Is A One-Way Superhighway

So I was talking to mah bitch last night and we were doing what we usually do in the few hours of time we have for just US.  That is, we were rubbing each other’s egos and cackling on about how much better we were then everyone else.

No, no.  Of course I jest.  Amy and I are both very humble women who have far better things to do than build ourselves up by tearing random internet strangers down.  I mean really, how petty do you people think I am?

We were actually bitching talking about our blogs and blog traffic and commenters.  Specifically, about why we don’t have more of them.

We talked about how we had both been very lazy lately about going to other blogs, or rather commenting on other blogs.  I mean I have like 106 blogs in my feed reader.  But I only comment on like 5 a day or so anymore.  I’m just… “meh” right now, ya know?

ANYway, we both agreed that commenting is the best way to get readers and that if we weren’t willing to do more of that we shouldn’t bitch.  Or rather, she agreed.  Because she is a good person.  Or rather, she made me promise to tell you all that she agreed because she is at least a better person than me.

But you know what? Not me.  Fuck that.

I don’t want readers who only come here hoping to get a little reciprocal lovin’.  I don’t read blogs because I’m hoping they’ll stop by here.  Fuck, I read every damn day and you KNOW that bitch isn’t ever going to have a minute for this place (right?  amalah? love me!!!!!!!)

I read people because they make me smile.  Or laugh.  Or think.  Or because I am just in awe of their ability to take words from their head and put them into mine.  And a lot of the bloggers I read never show up here either.  I mean, like, never.

And that’s the kind of reader I want.

I want admirers.  And worshippers.  Who flock to me come rain, shine, sleet, snow or comment.  Who come here and comment whether they ever see me on their blog or not.  And who would piss themselves with glee if they did (again, hellloooo amalah!  And Crystal! OMG Crystal I remember the time you commented here and called me “sug”!!!)

Yes.  Absolutely.  I want a flock.

And if that makes me a bitch ass.. uh… bitch.  No, wait, I think it’s “bitch ass ho”.  Yeah!  If that makes me a bitch ass ho – well, so be it!

Because, bitch ass ho’s are really in this season, aren’t they?

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