falling off all over the place

So I am officially off the wagon.  All of them.  I had been hanging over the edge for a while, just trying to get a peek at the underside, sure I could control myself to hang on.

But no.  I am off.  In fact, while laying in the middle of the road I’m pretty sure the wagon came back around, ran my ass over, backed up, and ran my ass over again.

That has to be why I’m so damned tired all the time lately.

Diet?  Kaput.  Smoking?  Back at it.  Gym?  Haven’t seen the inside of one since I can’t even remember when.

And right now there is just too fucking much to do to even THINK about getting back into it.  Maybe if we get House One on the market May 1st.

At the very least I need to get back on my diet then.  And why is it that it can take you 12 months to work OFF the weight, and 2 weeks of sloppy ass eating to put it back on?  I think someone should have to pay for that.  Besides me.

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