Clusterfucked: Part 3

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Clusterfucked: The End


Lynn slammed the book with next week’s scripts shut, utterly disgusted with her co-authors.

She stood up and began pacing back and forth across her carpet, mentally racing between fury and complete bewilderment.  What the hell where they trying to do to her?  Her team of writers were usually so reliable, so in tune with what she was thinking herself.  Surely they couldn’t have left her with this mess on purpose.

Or had they?

It was no secret that the adult film industry was extremely competitive.  Sure, you could turn out dime a dozen Suck N’ Fucks that were destined to end up in a bin full of VHS tapes in the sleazy back room of a Family Video.  That part was easy.

But they had always been better than that.  Lynn and her two partners were on the verge of establishing themselves as an empire in the industry – complete with accolades and awards and international distribution deals and, most importantly, money.  Lots and lots of money.

The success had always been so much sweeter because Lynn was able to share it with two women.  Men were always running the pornography industry, while women usually found themselves stuck in front of the camera.  But not these three.  Together Lynn and her partners had taken their experience as “actresses” and plowed it into a multi-million dollar production house.  They had become a well oiled machine.  Every project they had touched had been golden.

Until now.

Now her partners were sending her manuscripts with blood and guts and… action.  And not the kind of action their movies had become famous for.  Ninja rolls?  Daring freeway runs?  How in the hell did they expect Andy, their biggest male star, to pull this shit off?  Had they completely forgotten about the pages and pages of contracts they’d poured over together – all of which expressly stated that there would be no physical or strenuous activity?  Fuck.  Everyone in the industry knew that Andy Avitable was a lazy son of a bitch.  But they had to keep him around because, quite frankly, his was the most popular penis in town right now.

Andy would never go for this.  And her partners knew that.  They had to have.  Instinctively, Lynn knew that something was off.  This was more than just artistic expression and the opportunity to try something new.

The sick feeling in the pit of her stomach told her it was more.  This was personal.  This was a deliberate attempt to fuck her over.

Because this time, it was Lynn’s name on the line.  And most of her money.  She had pushed for the deeper plot.  She had wanted to take their films to the next level – a feature length with character development and actual cinematography.  And Amanda and Avril had gone along, eventually.  But only on the condition that Lynn took most of the risk, and all of the heat if it failed miserably.

In short, she was responsible for turning this murder mystery, blood soaked scene into something that would actually make people want to have sex.

“You can do this Lynn, you can do this.”  The mantra played over and over again as she stared at the blank page.  “You can do this…”

A flash.  Yes.  She could do this.  The idea was sketchy, but she could pull it off.  It would need work here, and more detail there.  The pieces of the story swirled around in her mind like brightly colored puzzle pieces and she plucked them from the air, fitting them together one by one as a larger picture formed.

Lynn sat down at her keyboard to write.  She could do this.  She could take an action flick and the premise for a who-done-it mystery and turn it into something purely pornographic.  Hell, she was famous for it!

As she stretched out her fingers over the keys, prepared to save her own ass, she chuckled to herself.  The solution was as old as sex itself…

“Sadie’s heart thumped.  She hadn’t been prepared for him to be so naked… or so… enticing.  Her breath quickened as she noticed the look on his face.  Men were so obvious, and predictable.  And he was no different.

It was clear – what with the nudity and all, and the ridiculous grin he was flashing her – her mark had a thing for women in authority.”

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