What’s more important than me winning something?

Let me tell you what’s more important than me winning.

The Baby Brother Winning His First Round Match At State Wrestling Yesterday!!!!!!!!

And me becoming the most psycho fan EVER – even at the state tournament aka gathering place for the most psycho of psycho fans.  Even there, when he threw in that front headlock and whipped his opponent to the mat in 0.02 seconds, my screams and celebrations turned heads.  Hm.  They didn’t even know I peed a little.

ANYWAY, so, one match down – for those of you keeping track.  He wrestles again tonight.  And that’s all I will say about that because we will not be messing with the ju-ju vibes any further.

Moving on.


Go me. Go me. Go me.  Can you picture me doing the happy dance?  It’s kind of a funky combination of humping air and flapping like a chicken.  It’s quite cute.  Really.

I had my speech all prepared and everything.  I would have started with Miss Ann, of course, for nominating me.  It was going to involve little people.  Because everyone loves midgets.  We’re charming.  Truly, it was going to be a great speech…

And then I found out I was nominated for ANOTHER award.  I am a little confused at this one right now, but stay tuned for instructions on how you can all join in the Crusade To Crown Miss Britt Champion.  We’ll have t-shirts.

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