Unveiling for a good cause… or at least, a worthy one

I love the Internet.  Blogs, chat rooms, forums – they all allow us to be whoever we want to be from behind the safety of our computer screens and keyboards.

We can be sexy and witty and charming and confident – even if we’re really closet wall flowers with warts, acne and little self esteem.

I think that protection is somewhat sacred.  Well, at least, I think it has shielded me from the Internet getting a real glimpse at who I am.

And yet… I find myself in a position where I must lift that veil.  Nay, rip it to shreds like an angry dog in desperate search of say… a bacon cheeseburger.

What – or who – could cause me to forgo my own pride and dignity?  My two favoritest people on the Internet who happen to share the exact same birthday and who have so willingly stripped away their own dignity for me on many occasions.  That’s who.

Yes, it is time to celebrate the awesomeness of Avitable (who will likely spend his eternity dancing beside me in either Hell or Purgatory) and Amy (who will spend hers pleading my case to St. Peter, no doubt).

Yes, you rat bastards, I stayed home from work this morning to do this for you both.  I hope you know how much you both mean to me!

Happy Birthday Amy & Adam!

(I hope to God this finally works and doesn’t look absolutely ridiculous because I HAVE to leave for work now and the fucking thing is still processing and I haven’t even gotten a chance to see it yet!!!)

Edited to add: well, it does work, kinda – but apparently my camera sucks ass so… uh… sorry.

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