The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good:  I just got news that the other house we own is going to be vacant soon.  Which means we get to sell it.  Which means, eventually – if everything goes according to plan (why the fuck am I even saying that??) – we will be able to get rid of damn near all our debt and free up over $1100 a month in “debt payment” shit.

So, yea.  Yee-haw even.

The Bad:  However, in order to sell that house we are going to have to put another $10,000 at least back into it.  I say back into it because a few years ago – when we moved out of it – it was already pretty much in “sell-able” condition – complete with a brand new kitchen.  Now, however, it needs mega fixing up.

So, boo.  Boo fucking hoo even.

The Ugly:  In order to fix it up, my husband and I are going to have to start agreeing on when, where and how to spend time and money renovating it.  This promises to be complicated by the fact that I am an HGTV watching expert.  And he is a fucking moron.  Who doesn’t know he’s a moron.  Who needs me to enlighten him of this fact in order to save us thousands of dollars in lost time and money.

I’ve known for roughly 24 hours that we were going to be able to sell.

I’ve hung up on him twice.

So, boo hiss to us.  This is gonna get ugly.

(PS, I updated my CafePress store too – with some Valentines Day goodies… for people who AREN’T counting down the days!)

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