Wednesday Blog Love – #3

Last week – wow, that seems a long time ago – I handed out the hugs and kisses to Avi.

This week poses a bit of a dilemma for me.  This week’s blog love goes out to a woman whose blog I cannot link to – or rather, will not.

You see, this woman is not near the attention whore that I am.  In fact, if you want to know her views on just about anything you have only to figure out what my views are and calculate the exact opposite opinion, and there she’ll be.

Less about me, more about her – I’m not linking her blog because when she moved from her old blog to her new one, she asked us not to go all link happy to her.  She describes as a sounding board – whereas mine is more like a billboard.  And, specifically, she’s got some crazy ass people out in the world who are pretty hell bent on reading her damn blog.

Anyhoo – Miss Ann (that’s this week’s blog love recipient, by the way) seems to most to be a tough cookie.  But that’s not why I’m giving her special blog love.

Nor am I giving her my extra special brand of lesbian love because of her amazingly vast knowledge of music, or her love of Prince, or her common-sense, no nonsense, ass kicking when necessary brand of blogging.

No, I’m giving her to out of respect.  And genuine admiration.  Because although we disagree on almost everything – we both agree with one another’s rights to our own opinion.

You see, Miss Ann has this knack for being able to state her own ideas with such force and conviction that a weaker person might cower at her feet, afraid of pissing off the “Blog Rah”.  And if that person were found quivering at her feet, Miss Ann would probably kick their ass and tell them to grow a god damned backbone and quit worrying so much about what SHE thinks and start having a little more confidence in what THEY think.

She’s cool like that.

I love a woman who understands that her own strength is not threatened by strength in others.  In fact, it takes true strength of conviction to encourage strength in others.

I also love anyone who can come up with this little kernel of brilliance:

“Everything is not always about you, or about me.  Sometimes it’s about US.  Sometimes it’s about human nature.”

So here’s to Miss Ann – soft, but never squishy, warm, but seldom weak, inviting, but with enough brains to understand boundaries and reality.

Should you be driving yourself nuts to find her…

Think Oh My Fucking God, What The Fuck… and, er, add the last letter of my favorite word to that.  And then, um, a “.com”.

And if you are smarter enough to figure that out – she just may welcome you there.

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