Let me preface this entire post by saying that this is not directly in response to or retaliation of anything I’ve read on anyone else’s blog recently.  I was simply inspired to write this post by things I saw/read/did/thought – which is where all of my posts come from.  So, if you’re reading this thinking “oh my God, is she talking about me?” – I’m not.

I’ve been thinking about two specific things lately:

1. Why do I blog?

2. Where do I stand on ads, pay-per-posts, money-making shit in general on “personal” blogs?

Let’s go in order here, shall we?

Why do I blog?  I started blogging because of my oh so stubborn “anything you can do I can at the very least do and possibly do better” streak.  I read Amy’s blog.  I read a few other blogs.  I read some spectacular writing, and I muddled through some craptastic.. er.. “writing”.

If I’m being honest, I have to admit that I continued blogging because of the attention.  Perhaps it would be more PC to say that I continued because of the feedback.  But again, being honest here, that’s probably crap.

No, blogging offered me the attention that sometimes is so lacking in day to day life.  I’m not talking about center of the stage look at me look at me attention – although that’s nice.  I’m talking about the attention to what I have to say, to what I think, to my talents and gifts and quirks and charms.

Blogging offers me a captive audience of people who are interested in what I have to say, and how I am able to say it.  It offers me a chance to really, truly, feel “heard”.

I suppose I could even sink so low as to say that it gives me a sense of validation.

I would like to be big enough and bold enough and confident enough to say that I blog for myself and the rest of you fuckers can go take a flying leap if you don’t like it.  But I’d be a damned liar.  And as I’ve said, I’m trying to be honest here.

I blog – for you.

I blog for the readers who come to read this site with genuine interest, whether I comment on their blogs or not.  I blog because when someone says “I know what you mean”, I feel like I’ve made a connection that matters.  I blog because the thought of being able to make someone else feel something – anything – makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

I blog not only because I have something to say, but because of the people who listen.

Now… all of that being said…

Where do I fall on this whole debate about ads vs. no ads?

I am not a purist.  Not about art, or food, or much of anything really – and not about blogging.  If someone wants to stick a few ads in their sidebar, while they continue to write content that sucks me in, I’m going to keep reading.  I don’t give a second thought to whether or not that person is making any money – be it off of me or anyone else.

I am also not opposed to the idea of people making money “off of me”.  In order for someone to make anything “off of” me, they have to provide something that I have an interest in either buying, or at least perusing further.  If they are able to do that, kudos to them and their 15%.

I make money off of people all day long.  And thank God I do, because I’m growing quite partial to my little piece of the Economic Pie.

And, with or without blogging, people are making money off of me – all day long.  When I stop for gas, when I drive by a billboard, when I flip on the TV or lather up in the shower – someone is making money off of me.  Good for them – that’s how we all get along after all.

Maybe it’s because I’ve always been in sales – but I never have been one to get all wonky about commercials or junk mail or even telemarketers.  If I don’t want what they are pushing, I am more than capable of letting them know so that they can move on to find someone who does.

I guess my opinion on blog ads is merely an extension of my opinion on advertising in general.  That shit wouldn’t exist if it didn’t work on someone.

So – what about me?  Why don’t I have ads on this blog?

I am going to blog whether someone pays me for it or not.  Just like I’m going to do lots of things – pay day or no pay day.  If someone wants to give me money for something I’m going to do anyway?  Fuck yeah, I’d take it.  I like money.  I’ll go so far as to say I love money and all of the shit I can do with it.

But, alas, there are still no ads here.

And that is simply because at this point, no one has offered me money for my blog.  At least, not enough money.  I mean sure, I could invest the time and energy to sign up for adsense and fuck with my sidebar and blah blah blah fucking blah.  But with the amount of traffic I get here, there’s no fucking way I would earn enough to cover what my time is worth to me.

I may be a money-luvin’, attention seeking whore.  But I’m no cheap trick.

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