It’s just after 10am and the only thing I have accomplished thus far is preparing a toaster waffle for my daughter’s breakfast.

There are mounds of boxes and tissue paper and gifts scattered all over the house.  The sink is full of dishes, as is the dishwasher.

And here I sit, at just after 10am, in my sweatpants and tank top, sans bra or deodorant, still sporting yesterday’s jewelry.  Luckily for all of you, I do not have my new webcam installed yet (and can I just say how cute it is that hubby got me a webcam for my blogging for Christmas?).

And you would think – with Christmas just behind us, and New Years shortly ahead of us – that I would have something to say.  But it seems that my brain – and my body, and my vanity – are suffering from some bizarre Christmas Break Mushiness.  If the kids don’t have to go to school – why should I be required to fire up the beast that is my brain?

Anyhoo – I tried to read all of the blogs in my bloglines – and I got through most of them, and commented on none of them because I’m just too sapped to be witty.


So, I’m headed for the couch.  Hopefully my children will think “lounging with mom” is a qualifying Christmas Break Entertainment Event.

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