Sucking it up…

OK, so according to Rich, I need to “suck it up”. And while my usual response when someone tells me to “suck it up” is “fuck off” – I not only like Rich, I respect him.

So, here I am, sucking it the fuck up.

I finished up the Deal From Hell at work. It was about 8 hours late, but it’s done. And it earned me a brand new digital camcorder. And at least one day off this week. And an opportunity to tell a Pain In The Ass client to “kiss my fucking ass” – which is always fun.

I survived the holidays. In fact, even though I was bitching about being overwhelmed and stressed – I love the holidays. My family makes me laugh until I pee, and then they laugh at me peeing and it’s good times all around.

And my husband’s family? Well… they’re getting used to me. Although I may have crossed the line with all of the teasing of my mother-in-law in front of her mother-in-law. Sometimes I forget I’m not the only one with insecurities.

Anyway, moving on…

I did indeed enjoy Black Friday. And for you fools who say it’s not worth it? I got a FREE Sirius Sportster Replay system for my husband. FREE. Because the dumb ass cashier who was training on the biggest day of the year forgot to ring it up, and the guy at the door who is supposed to catch mistakes like that refused to let me take out my receipt to double check when the bells and whistles went off because I, apparently, “look honest”.

Ha. I got hit on AND got something for free. Not worth it my ass.

I did not get all of my shopping done. But I did find time this weekend to book a hotel for my pilgrimage to the Mall of America in two weeks. $50. Right across from the Mall. Thank you Priceline. I kick ass.

Let’s see… what else can I squeeze into this post so that I feel “caught up” enough on my life to start blogging interesting shit again….

Ah, yes. Pictures.

Amy – my rug did indeed come in and the pictures of my dining room are here. (If anyone else is really fucking bored and interested in seeing my Thanksgiving table sans China or turkey – knock yourselves out.)

I think that about does it. I did get a 1am phone call that my baby brother had been in a car accident that shook me to my very core. It’s amazing how quickly your mind and heart can race in the 5 seconds it takes to get out “but he’s OK”.

But I already did a downer post on Thanksgiving.

You can’t do downer and boring and droning on and on and on all in one post. That’s just too much, no matter how much tryptophan you’ve ingested.

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