The Wide World Of Sports, according to Miss Britt

I love sports – in my own too-girly to have ever played them myself kind of way.  I love football and wrestling and baseball and any sport when it gets to “playoff” time.  I love the drama and tragedy and excitement.  I love a good comeback.  I love the good guys who fight the good fight.

I cannot understand for the life of me what the hell is wrong with sports’ fans these days.

No – I’m not talking about the rampant unsportsmanlike conduct.  I mean, yes, that’s disappointing and ridiculous and certainly the case could be made that it’s just another sign of the decay of our society’s moral fiber.  Yada yada yada.

But more than that, what I truly struggle to understand in sports these days is the lack of support for the underdog.

I just can’t believe that people continue to cheer for teams like the Yankees (which, neener neener neener!) – or the Dallas Cowboys.

Doesn’t anyone watch Disney movies anymore?  Don’t you people know that there are Good Guys and Bad Guys and that the Good Guys are the ones with more heart than talent, more guts than money, more pure determination than the over-polished Bad Guys?

That’s how I watch sports.  That’s how I have picked my favorite teams – and the teams I love to hate – for years.

It should be no surprise then that I am a fan of the Cubs, the Bears, the Packers (shuddup!) and Peyton Manning (which is almost like cheering for the Colts.  almost).  It should also be obvious then why I loathe the Yankees (of this era), the Cowboys, the Vikings, USC and everyone/thing to come from there, Barry Bonds and Eli Manning.

The Good Guys do NOT ride in on a big white horse with a big stupid hat, amidst fireworks and pyrotechnics.  The Good Guys are not mean.  The Good Guys are not cry babies, bitching and moaning about where they play and how much respect they are entitled to.

No.  The Good Guys show up for the love of the game.  The Good Guys survive on their tradition and heart.  The Good Guys overcome obstacles and defeat with grace and courage.  The Good Guys are mocked, not bought – and yet they persevere.

Fans these days seem more swayed by stats and “preseason predictions” than character and heart.  And for me, that takes away from what sports are supposed to be about: the struggle between Right & Wrong, Good & Evil, David & Goliath.

Whatever happened to “everyone loves an Underdog”?

/soapbox rant of an amateur

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