Julia Roberts spotted in mid-morning traffic

A funny thing happened on the way to the office today….

As per my usual morning commute routine, I had my iPod/iTrip blaring on my Prince Playlist.  I was rockin’ out as one does when they’re isolated with good Prince tunes.

Kiss comes on.  Man I love that song.  I’m “smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch KISS”-ing along a la Julia Roberts style, thoroughly enjoying the entire experience.

And then I noticed the four door sedan beside me that seemed to be speeding up and slowing down at whatever rate was necessary to stay EXACTLY beside me.  The middle aged man driving the sedan appeared to be enjoying The Prince Experience as much as I was.  In fact, he actually cracked the passenger side window – in order to enhance the sound effect it seemed.

There wasn’t anyone in the passenger’s side gasping for fresh air – I checked.

I felt like I should flash a “gotta love Prince….” sign at him.

Thank God we turned down separate roads before Darling Nikki came on.

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