I. Rock. (and so does D)

Check this shit out.

I finally figured it out! Fuck, yeah.

Now if I want to talk about my BFBWGF – you will all know who I’m talking about.

Or, if I’m telling a story about MHTJA, you’ll be able to differentiate between that and MHTH.  You may even understand TGWWBQ and TBWWBH.

I’m so frickin’ cool.  I need to make a list of all the things/names/places/people/words I want to use this for.

Now… what do I usually blog about?  Oh yeah.  ME!

(thanks D for sending me here)

Edited to add: if you don’t notice anything new about this post, um, just ignore it while I try to fix this shit.  Damn.

Does LOL even work?

Heh. Um, apparently it is working.  It’s just that the words aren’t like “highlighted” or something.  Off to fix THAT now.

Ha!  I checked out someone’s source code, got the URL to their style sheet and stole their frickin’ code AND figured out how to add it here!

See that shit?  I.  Rock.

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