A Picture of Poise

I’ve been meaning to sit down and put some actual thought and planning into portions of this blog. Specifically, The Cast section (did you know there was a cast?).

While I use my own name on here, I figure I should respect the privacy of those around me and give them cool pseudonyms. But I’ve been struggling to come up with titles that are descriptive, yet easy to use. You know – I don’t want to mess up the flow of my writing and all…

Anyways, if you check out what I quickly threw up in The Cast Section when I first cobbled this blog together, you’ll notice a description of my immediate family. As these are the people closest to me, I figured that I should start here with coming up with new nicknames.

Let’s start with improving The Boy (oh, if only it were that easy)….

As you’ll see, my husband has a bit of a concern. My husband is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a homophobe. At least, he wasn’t until he started worrying that his own son might be a little… umm… girlie, shall we say?

Now, granted, The Boy is afraid of pain. And he’d rather pick flowers in the outfield than actually play baseball. And yes, he does sort of “titter” across the soccer field as opposed to run.

But still. I have been assuring my husband for quite some time now that he has nothing to worry about. Yes, he’s a bit of a Mama’s boy – but who can blame him?

And then… I came home… to this…

Yes, ladies and gentelman, although it’s difficult to tell in that picture alone, that is my 6 year old son in my DMBs. Grinning. And kind of, I don’t know, what is he doing with that arm?

Wait… there’s more…


Oh yes. He was QUITE impressed with himself. In fact, what he was most proud of was the fact that he could “walk in heels, what’s the big deal Dad? it’s easy!”

Upon seeing this my husband grabbed my daughter and held her close to him, as if to shield her from my poor influence. “Oh no you don’t – you coddled that one and look what you did! This one’s mine!”

Well. Hmp. I’m not really sure what to say to that.

But damn, my son has SKILLZ! I know women who can’t walk in stilettoes as gracefully as he did!

However, it certainly does make this whole pseudonym thing a bit more complicated…

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